The Role Of Product Communıcatıon in Consumer Trust

Buket Durhan, Duygu Aydın


Product communication is a powerful marketing communication practice where brands can establish effective dialogue with consumers. Based on the concrete and abstract benefits of the product, displaying the product itself and transforming it into a channel is a strategy of increasing value in creating a sense of trust in the consumer and product. In this study, the relationship between product communication and consumer trust was questioned. The research questions of the study are as follows; What is the relationship between product communication and consumer trust?, Does product package affect consumers' trust in the product?, Do the trusting dimensions of product communication affect brand trust?, Does the trust dimension developed in the context of product communication differ according to the demographic characteristics of consumers?. Food category-specific research in the retail sector was conducted by survey method in a local supermarket in the city center of Bartın (In Turkey) with the participation of 500 people. The construct in this study is designed to relate the relationship between product communication and trust factor according to their dimensions. The independent variable in the study is product communication, and the dependent variable is trust. It is aimed to reveal the direction and significance level of the relationship between the two variables. The data were analyzed by parametric tests. Exploratory factor analysis was applied during the evaluation process of the scales. During the process of data evaluation, t-test, Anova test (One-way), Scheffe test, pearson correlation and regression analysis were used. According to the study findings; the concrete properties of the product (color, shape, size, smell) have been found to be effective in building trust in the brand, 

product and package. The relationship between the attractiveness of the package and the fact that it is in the forefront and brand trust in general has been found to be positive and significant. However, it is determined that it does not affect the level of trust in brand, product and package statistically. As a result of the special communication activities related to the product in the shopping environment and the emphasis on product package, a significant relationship was established with brand trust in general level. It increases the level of trust in package and the level of trust among consumers in brand criterion. However, on the factor basis, it has been found that special communication dimension did not affect "the brand intention and reliability" and "trust in the product". The strong company message and the perceived ease of use of the package, which are emphasized at the point of product communication, affect the trust in brand, product and package and increase the level of trust. It has been shown that special communication activities related to the product in the shopping environment affect the trust in package and brand trust. The strong company message highlighted in product communication and perceived ease of use of package affect the trust in brand, product and package and increase the level of consumer trust. It was observed that there was a moderate level of participation in the constant renewal of the package and special communication activities related to the product in a store. The process of change and renewal related to the product and package becomes meaningful for the consumer if it is supported by the communication activities of the brands. The positive side of the package renewal process reveals that the brand actually works hard, making the necessary improvements for its consumers and shows an innovative attitude. Conducting special communication activities related to the product within the store is also relevant to the time spent by the consumer in the store. It is concluded that in-store communication activities affect product-based gains and consumer trust. The product was sold in a special place in the market alone and that the product package was more visible than the advertisements of the brand and the emphasis on the package in the advertisements had a high level of participation. Communication activities and in-store stand movements, which are believed to gain originality to the product attract the attention of consumers. Displaying the product alone in the market attracted the attention of the consumer and according to the results of the research, it has managed to become a trust element. Emphasis on package in advertisements indicates that the consumer is offered a product and package supported by communication efforts. According to the results of the research, the fact that package of the product is displayed at the forefront and the emphasis on the package with the communication efforts seem to have gained the trust of the consumer.
Keywords: Marketing Communication, Product, Trust, Consumer

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